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There are several people associated with the Tigerman Karate Museum and Dojo that create videos related to Elvis history. These videos provide new content as well as busting myths in Elvis history. Please be sure to watch these videos to increase your Elvis knowledge and enhance your experience because many of the Museum's items have fascinating stories behind them. In fact, the inspiration for this Museum and Dojo originated from a video detailing the story of how Elvis came to practice Karate here. 

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Adventures of the Spa Guy

Join the Spa Guy on Adventures to Elvis Presley Locations around the world. Spa Guy is a Creator of Historical Videos specializing in Elvis and other Famous people.... Tighten Up and Subscribe to be notified of NEW EPISODES each Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday friends!

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Globetrotting with Trey 

Join Trey Miller each Tuesday on his Youtube show, Globetrotting with Trey. Trey takes you on Adventures around the world as he visits places that Elvis Presley, "Pistol" Pete Maravich, Clark Gable, Andy Griffith, Clint Eastwood, James Garner and more were at Once Upon a Time...

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