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The Elvis Unit

The "Elvis Unit" as the City of Memphis Fire Department called it was new in 1975. When the call went out on August 16 1977 for this ambulance to come and try to save Elvis Presley's life it had been in service just weeks less than 2 years.  If you look at the pictures below you will see a photo that was sold in 1977 of the ambulance coming through the gate with Elvis in it heading to Baptist Hospital.. The photographer sold that photo for 100,000.00 and it was turned into a poster. You will notice that the front bumper is bent on the drivers side and you will see that same bend in the "Elvis Unit" in our museum as well as other provenance.. The "Elvis Unit" was discovered in a backyard in Bartlett Tennessee on August 16th 2018 by The Spa Guy and Globetrotting with Trey and was soon after moved inside to protect it from the elements.. It had been outside since 1991. It is now safe inside of the TigerMan Karate Dojo and Museum for you to see in person. We chose not to restore it because we feel it shows the humanity of Elvis Presley if it is not perfect.. The Unit was in service after August 16 1977 until 1987 then it was held inside of Fire Station #1 to keep from being stolen. It was auctioned off in 1991.   

We have the 911 Audio from August 16 1977 and you can request to hear it on your tour.   

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